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News & Events

Monster Picture

Before classes ended for summer, students at St. John the Apostle made some monsters and some new far away friends. Local second and third grade students partnered with students at Shorecrest Elementary School in St. Petersburg, Florida for “The Monster Project.”
According to school officials, students exchanged written descriptions of monsters they created using Google applications. Students were then given the task of re-drawing their far-away partner’s monster without the benefit of seeing the original drawing.
For the closing activity, students revised their writing based on feedback from their partner. Teachers said this project encouraged reading and writing skill development while integrating technology in the classroom. According to the students the best part of all was making new friends in Florida.

SJA Sock drive

Socks, a simple part of getting dressed each day, or is it? Students at St. John the Apostle School found out recently that although they might have a drawer full of them, socks are a much-needed item for many homeless people.
In response to the need, on Tuesday, April 9, the entire student body, from Pre K 3 to the 8th grade, were able to wear jeans to school in exchange for a pair of socks.
The program was carried out in conjunction with Caldwell University’s Campus Ministry Team. All the donated socks will be distributed when the university team conducts one of its midnight runs into New York City to aid the homeless.