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Principal's Monthly Message

  October 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,
First and foremost, let me take the opportunity to thank each of you for your patience and understanding
during the firPrincipal's messagest few weeks of school as we become fully livestreamed and remote. It was very much
appreciated by our entire staff. 

Here we are ready to begin the month of October. Perhaps we can all settle in to this new “routine”. I am extremely pleased that we have passed the 2-week threshold with no evidence of the covid virus. It indicates that all the protocols that have been out in place have been worth it. The trick now is to remain diligent so that St John’s remains a healthy and safe place for all to learn. I have to admit, even behind masks, it was so great to see so many excited children so happy to be back at school. One student remarked to me when I said, “It is so good to see you.”; “It’s so good to be seen.” I know that I speak for everyone that it is wonderful to have students in the building once again! 
Just a reminder with the holidays approaching that if you visit a state on the quarantine list, you must quarantine and use remote learning for 2 weeks.

As we begin October we are making every effort to make the school experience as close to normal, honoring our traditions, as possible. So, with that being said, Thursday, October 1st will be Spirit Day; all students may wear St. John’s attire and we will have a Blue Cohort Special Day and a Gold Cohort Special Day. Plans are underway for the Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Decorating, Halloween Costume Contests, and a Virtual Living Rosary. We are even developing plans for an outdoor tricky tray with virtual number calling. Stay tuned for more information. 

These Halloween events are sponsored by the Parent Faculty Guild (PFG). Please be as supportive as you can. Their latest fundraising efforts resulted in our newly refurbished playground including the new structure and rubberized floor. The 2-year project came close to $50,000 when all was said and done. The help of the PFG is essential to the life of our school. Thank you PFG for all your support.

We have extended the due date of the Fundraising Fee until October 15th. Please note that it will be late as of that date. We will not, in the future, be able to waive any late fees as Smart Tuition has generously waived them through December. The school will be responsible for all late fees after that point. Please be timely in your payments.

During October, the month of the Holy Rosary, let us pray to Mary, the Mother of God and our intercessor to continue to ask for God’s blessing on us to keep us all safe and healthy during this time and always.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Dr. Egan

Catholic Schools

We Believe

Children are our community's most valuable asset, capable of achieving their potential when given the proper guidance and support in our school community. A child's self-esteem is essential to success and must be supported by parents and the school community.

Each child's inherent worth is recognized concerning cultural differences, individual abilities, and unique talents. Children educated in a Christ-centered environment develop spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Learning is a lifelong process. Children learn at different rates and in different ways from a variety of sources. Instruction must be differentiated and engage all learners with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving. A child's educational success is a responsibility shared by parents, school, and the community working in harmony. Children learn Christian values and ethical conduct taught by parents, reinforced and modeled by the school, and demonstrated through life choices.

Children have a right to feel secure, safe, and supported in their school environment. Children will develop a lifelong commitment of discipleship and stewardship based on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Our Graduates
Currently, the Alumni Association gives all 8th graders a gift at graduation, as well as one Alumni financial award. Additional fundraising monies are donated to the school for technology needs. Alumni correspondence now mainly comes from the Archdiocese of Newark, School Office. Please consider donating to St. John the Apostle School. Supporting your grammar school ensures St. John the Apostle School memories continue for students in the upcoming years. Wishing your fond memories of SJA continue to be in your hearts and minds always.

2011 National Blue Ribbon School

St. John the Apostle School is a National Blue Ribbon School. The announcement was made Thursday, September 15, 2011, by U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. St. John the Apostle School was one of 49 private schools from across the country to receive the prestigious honor. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes schools whose students achieve at very high levels.

This award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our faculty. At St. John the Apostle School, we are continually striving to ensure that the academic program we deliver meets the needs of our students while encouraging them to do their best.

Many hands and minds were put to work as a team united toward a common goal: achieving the Blue Ribbon nomination. The application had us answering questions about our curriculum, assessment, staff development, and history. Faculty wrote content, gave additional application critiques and devoted hours and hours of their time.

Blue Ribbon School Logo

Blue Ribbon School

St. John the Apostle School has been a prominent learning institution since our first class graduated in 1951. We have remained grounded in tradition while growing to become one of the leading Pre-K through 8th-grade schools in the Archdiocese of Newark.